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Hi! My name is Phil and I have been empowering thousand of kids, teens and parents since 2012.

I naturally create a warm safe space, where my students are able to share authentically about themselves. I make sure that my clients are heard, aknowledged and held accountable to doing their mission on earth.

My greatest successes have come from the following people:
– Single mothers
– Troubled kids/teenagers
– Divorced families

I am naturally drawn to anyone who wants to:
– Deepen their spiritual path.
– Create a roadmap for their life (vision, mission, values).
– Deal with trauma ranging from childhood to adulthood.

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My sessions are a safe space. I do not share my client info with anyone.


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Guiding teens to create a powerful impact on the world via their own unique Passion Project!

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Starting – 1 July 2023
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What my Clients Say

I’ve seen a huge change in my son since coached by Phil for four sessions. I had significant issues in trusting Luke, but our relationship is now more open and loving than ever. Luke is taking responsibility for his actions and is completely open to seeing when his actions do not align with his values. Phil has definitely helped him to understand what values are and how to apply them to his life. I can see it in the way he carries himself now. He will continue to work with Phil as I feel his coaching is adding such incredible value to Luke’s life and our relationship.

Caren Doyle

After spending some time with Phil, myself and my son have experienced significant changes in our day-to-day lives. My son has found a new creative outlet, his new passion, which allows him to feel accomplished and release emotional blockages without his fists. I haven't been called to the principal's office in a year, except to be told that he has been short-listed for Student Leader! His marks have improved dramatically, he has friends and our relationship is stronger. I feel like a more capable mother. Even my business is doing better! I cannot recommend phil Keyes coaching style enough."


What began as a cry for help about discipline and respect from my child turned out to be such a life changing experience for all. The perspective Phil had, helped me to see myself, child and family in a way that is worth more than anything. The amount of love, acceptance, self respect and guidance he gave to my son gave him back his confidence and selfworth. Phil is a great listener and communicator, and is a terrific advocate for children. Phil helped by giving us strategies that we could use to more effectively communicate with and raise an independent and strong-willed little boy.

L. Wachtel

“Thanks to the Personal Shopping plan I became more confident and happy with my wardrobe. I now have my capsule wardrobe and spend much less on clothing. Thank you, Mary!”

– Kate Underwood


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Some things I'm proud of

Philip is an internationally acclaimed Master ILS coach, Master Demartini facilitator, Professional Fire walking instructor and Reiki Master. These internationally accredited processes have proven to be successful time and time again. Phil Keye believes in having an authentic, trust based relationship with every client.

8 x 1-on-1 Coaching Session for your teenager with Phil Keye

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    8 x 1-on-1 Coaching Session for your teenager with Phil Keye

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